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We improve financing for small and medium sized enterprises

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A smart service for business financing

We have created a service based on the needs of smaller companies. By pairing data that is already accessible with an intelligent platform, we can make a prompt evaluation of your credit worthiness and automate most of the steps in the process. This makes the entire loan application process simple and transparent. We don’t use any complicated forms and we show you our evaluation of your company’s credit worthiness immediately. We have also automated the repayment process and the accounting, for the systems we partner with. Combined, this makes our service simple and easy to use for entrepreneurs who can instead focus on what is important for them. For most companies, our service is also competitively priced when compared to the alternatives. We clearly state our fees and allow you to repay and close your loan whenever you want to.

Our vision

A future where date enables quick and equitable financing for smaller companies. Allowing them to focus on their core competencies and what they are passionate about instead of worrying about how to finance their business. Today, there are many financing alternatives –most are complicated, labor intensive and designed for larger companies with a long credit history. We want to change that.


About Mynt

Mynt was founded in 2017 by a group of individuals with experience of developing and growing digital financial services. As entrepreneurs, we also recognize and understand the complexity many smaller companies face when trying to apply for a loan, such as the tedious and slow-moving process banks force you to go through and the high fees often associated with the loans. We were, therefore, convinced that with the data available to us, especially from accounting systems, we could create an entirely digitized service, without forms or paperwork. With an intelligent credit scoring method, we can also make financing accessible for more companies, to better rates than our competitors. Mynt has several external owners including Svea Ekonomi. Mynt is registered with the Finansinspektionen and is also a member of SUP46 and Findec.


Oval purpleJohan ObermayerCOO, Risk & Operations
Oval purpleBaltsar SahlinCEO, Business Development
Oval purpleMagnus WidebergCTO, Head of Tech
Oval purpleEdvinas DaugirdasTechnical lead
Oval purpleMartin HolmbergPartnerships and Business Development
Oval purpleKristen WistedtHead of Customer Success
Oval purpleOmar TümerHead of Credit
Oval purplePeter NilssonDeveloper

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