We actively work with, and seek out, partners to create the greatest possible value for our customers. We combine the latest technology with common sense to create a better financing option for small and medium sized enterprises.


Accounting systems & Invoicing systems

Many entrepreneurs see digital solutions providing accounting and invoicing services as their new “home” for financial matters. Therefore, it is suitable that we offer financing directly through these systems. Two of our partners are PE Accounting and Visma eEkonomi and we have integrated our systems to make it as easy as possible to use. Mynt is actively working with these partners to be able to offer the best possible financing options, with Mynt dealing with the technological and administrative. Products which can be integrated between our two systems are factoring, invoice financing, and business loans. Typically, we work with our partners to find ways to improve the customer experience and to select what specific products work best for our partnership to integrate. If you are a potential partner who wants to work with us, we kindly ask you to contact us at either or 010-198-0300.


Mynt today works with several different intermediaries, both digital and personal. Some examples of the intermediaries we work with are Lendo and Fakturino. Financing for small and medium sized companies is an area seeing significant growth in Sweden and in which Mynt offers a highly competitive product. Are you interested in being an intermediary for Mynt and becoming one of our partners? If so, we kindly ask you to contact us at or 010-198-0300.

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