Financing for smaller companies

What are the options and how is Mynt different?


The Entrepreneurial Dilemma

All companies need money to grow. There are many different financing options available today and all possess advantages and drawbacks. Some are able to offer money quickly, while others require significant amounts of paperwork, meetings, budgets, and business plans. Some are transparent and upfront with their fees and costs, others use complicated and hidden fees. If you have looked around you have certainly come across many different forms of financing that are common today, such as a line of credit, business loans, invoice financing/factoring, loans from friends and family, issuing new shares, or crowdfunding. To decide, and even understand, what form works best for you and your company can be challenging.

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How do you finance your company’s growth?

When you started your business, you were certainly passionate about your idea, product, and customers, but few are mindful that having or not having access to cash can be a vital factor in being successful or not. For many entrepreneurs that are experiencing significant growth, cash flow can become one of the main problems facing their business. Some of the most common concerns we hear from our customers are:

At Mynt, we have altered the loan application process to make financing as simple as possible so you can focus on what is important for you. We aim to offer the best financing experience and options possible for our customers.

At Mynt we think differently.

Mynt believes that all businesses should have access to financing that is simple and fair. We have reinvented financing for small and medium sized enterprises from the ground up to make it as hassle-free and fair as possible. We offer a flexible line of credit and invoice financing which won’t impact your relationship with your customers.

Financing should also be flexible and on good terms so the arrangement fits your company’s needs and helps you grow, instead of hampering it. If you company is performing you should have access to fair financing.

We combine the latest technology with common sense to offer a better financing alternative designed to fit the needs of small to medium sized enterprises. By automating every possible step of the loan process, we are able to deliver the smoothest possible financing process.